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“The rubbish that generation sells outside is not little, a lot of people are done not clear, for instance eat box and chopstick are dry rubbish, the meal that eats remnant is wet rubbish; Nevertheless, like in the youth ‘ string string ‘ in, bamboo autograph is dry rubbish. ” the member pay treasure rubbish to reclaim that Chen Shuqin is village of Yang Pu Ou Mou holds rubbish concurrently to classify plugger, she feels outside sell rubbish to have farther reductive space, “Is now outside advocating, sell do not deserve one-time tableware? ”     ” the commonnest in the rubbish that closes is express is packed, the youth likes a net to buy, if do not reclaim, these carton paper box were wasted. ” Luo Ji says the member pay treasure rubbish to reclaim that temple of treasure mountain area presses down all right, “Sometimes I also think, be necessary to use case of paper of so much carton? Pack simple point, won’t produce so much rubbish. ”     ” regulation of Shanghai life rubbish ” (the following abbreviation ” byelaw ” ) carry out two weeks formally superabundant, increasing citizen accepted rubbish to classify this one new style. Ne上海松江莞式水磨洗浴休闲中心vertheless, a few rubbish classify plugger to put forward, sell outside, the net buys the fountainhead that waits to arise as rubbish, still need ” the new style in new style ” — the generation that rubbish reduces as far as possible in all link is consumed in production. The purpose that rubbish classifies is to reduce rubbish. And a thing is in before becoming rubbish, ever experienced production, carry, the many link such as consumption. Decrease a quantity to mean begin from fountainhead, it is the change on catenary of whole rubbish production. “Rubbish of entire industry condition is classified ” concept from this emerge as the times require — should share clear before ash-bin besides the station, no matter be consumer or generator, be in a lot of seeing to be like very far from ash-bin link, also want to foster rubbish to classify consciousness. ” byelaw ” carry out half many month to come, change is occurring sadly. One-time tableware demand became little remarks sells outside the more than 1000 people inside   a week ” little place soup ”     ” byelaw ” after carrying out, the market sold to have change outside, the most remarkable is one-time tableware makes dosage decreases. New rule carries out a week, hungry the choice on platform ” need not tableware ” order is compared the corresponding period grew 204% last year, than June a week grows 188% ; Choose on beautiful round platform ” need not tableware ” order grew 400% last year compared to the same period. Two platform sells to all express outside the home, platform combined a businessman to undertake adjustment to ordering eat flow, just provide one-time dinner service when consumer is asked for clearly only. From at present executive circumstance looks, increasing consumer chooses one-time dinner service no longer, explain everybody or supportive fountainhead reduce an amount. One-time tableware is decreased platform sells to have hope more to extending green eat case outside measuring effect to still let. Beautiful group comments on relevant personage to say, the corporation put in 1 million green freely in Shanghai last year but the box of environmental protection eat of degradation; Release partner recruit to make again this year, collect ” the solution that pack is offerred square ” , business door explores hope and company of the more production that pack and meal jointly innovation and case of economic environmental protection eat. The packing requirement of different meal type is different, need produces enterprise, business door to be participated in jointly, ultimate goal is to decrease to be packed needlessly, raise the popularity rate that green environmental protection packs. ” byelaw ” carry out also let consumer realize to outside wanting to be from fountainhead, sell ” thin body ” — a lot of dining-room receive outside sell order to go up, much consumer leaves a message about what rubbish classifies. According to hunger statistic, past a week, there is 4100 in Shanghai district order many remarks and ” rubbish is classified ” about, among them ” little place soup ” remarks is most, amount to 1078. “We contact partial consumer to ask reason, they state soup is not drunk after wanting, ability undertakes classified putting in to tableware, so the hope adds bit of boiling water less, avoid waste to reduce classified segment again already. ”   on the whole, major user is right ” rubbish is classified ” leaving a message is a hope reduce rubbish to produce an amount. For instance, inn of tea with milk is received leave a message ” classify an appeal in answer to rubbish, pearl wants 10 only, celestial being careless a few, do not add candy, accomplish without fail, thank ” ; Barbecue inn receives leave a message writing ” leek hotpot strings together acupuncture needle stay of proceedings to put aubergine in, need not want prod, little production rubbish ” ; Bao young restaurant is received leave a message say ” troublesome lid irrigates the meal in the meal to give a bit less, it is normal to compare little 1/3 the left and right sides, the rubbish that eats not to drop remnant otherwise is bad to handle ” … although leave a message,  returns some consumer say not to think rubbish is classified, be numerated to take an active part in the manner that rubbish classifies however. For instance, “Common deal is OK, do not increase a share, appetizing cole also need not… do not eat even rubbish is classified ” ” not Ding He of 5 benevolence sauce gives drink (reason is not to think rubbish classifies) , thank ” … relevant personage expresses, although consumer says ” do not think rubbish is classified ” , but look from practical effect, “Eat how to much want ” really benefit reduces an amount at rubbish. Nevertheless partial consumer has not mastered rubbish completely to classify knowledge, some seeks a help through leaving a message. For instance, some consumer leave a message ” hotpot is strung together want hotpot not to want prod only, or telling me prod is which kinds of rubbish, thank ” . The personage inside course of st普陀区附近浴场电话udy suggest宝山区ktvs, platform sells to be able to combine a businessman outside, tell its to differ when consumer orders meal feed material and tableware to belong to which kinds of rubbish respectively. The packing case that becomes rubbish became little     ” share a station ” express packs   of   of of 100% repeated usage ” it is here, express is packed almost 100% repeat use. ” Ge Jun country says chief of dak of bird of dish of university of Shanghai finance and economics, content sheds an industry to advocate green environmental protection all the time, but ” finally 100 meters ” difficulty is very great, “In fountainhead, content sheds an enterprise to be able to think method reduces the material that pack, but ‘ finally 100 meters ‘ distribute face user of a renown independence, the habit of everybody is different, deal with the kind that express packs is different also. Some people know to be able to reclaim, some people are thrown finish sth. ”   but in Shanghai money big, one is called ” paper box shares a station ” the project let a circumstance produce change. Ge Jun country says, send and receive the terminal of express as the school, dak inside and outside sets the platform that tears open solution 上海宝山特色的浴场wrap up for teachers and students, configure high capacity金山ktv上海金山区 at the same time pack reclaim box, teachers and students should pack the express that does not need only throw reclaim box can. Indoor still installed a simple and easy grid ark to regard as ” stock area ” , the wrapping paper case that there is different volume inside, bag that pack, use for sending the teachers and students of express to be taken freely. “The staff member will be time arrange reclaim in box pack, damaged is serious, do not suit reoccupy, a dozen bags send meeting all to reject to reclaim the station goes; It is OK to be opposite of recycle, we put one share in stock area to be taken by oneself for everybody with, still one part is put in dak, the member that allow the express delivery of different company is taken with… the express packing box that our site hair goes out and filler are adjacent 100% it is 2 use. ” Ge Jun country says, offer to encourage teachers and students to leave express to pack box reclaim recycle, the staff member is returned very notice privacy is protected, reclaim for the most part there is addressee news on the packing box that come, but before be used 2 times, the staff member is met its purify or cover. Reclaim to this kind recycle means, a lot of teachers and students feel ” conveniently ” ” not troublesome ” , participate in actively. Rough statistic, the express delivery that dak of 上海闵行虹莘路spabird of Shanghai money big food has 40% above everyday is packed be torn open to liberate by the spot into reclaim box, more than 1000 express are packed by repeated usage. Ge Jun country returns discovery, not only support of teachers and students shares paper box, connect all round the dweller of community also endorses this kind of method, “Many house witenagemot send us the bag case in the home here comes, hope all bout receives processing. When they send express to be short of a case, also come here to take. We very welcome. ”     ” a lot of colleges of Shanghai support express to pack recycle. ” chief says related dish bird network, the Shanghai of about 60% set dish bird stage inside the college, among them great majority is offerred ” paper box is shared ” service, include Shanghai traffic university, Dong Hua university, Huadongli work college, “We feel the undergraduate reclaims to classification the new style that uses express packing has glow very much, this also encourages us will ‘ paper box shares a station ‘ the practice is popularized to area of community, garden. ”   is occupied divulge, hand express company is in couplet of dish bird plan countrywide express site and dish bird post add 50 thousand green newly to reclaim box, increase function of paper model depart, let express lap the plastic filler inside also can be used circularly, promote consumer nurturance classification, reclaiming habit, “We still will be packed reclaim to be united in wedlock with the coupon photograph of supermarket of cat of the energy of ant forest, day, future introduces more reward means even, encourage more user to support express to pack classification to reclaim use. ”     ” the big small commodities that pack ” little   by machine basis commodity size ” custom-built ” business of express of the   that pack also takes the fountainhead that pack seriously to reduce an amount more and more. “The express delivery that consumer gets now packs case volume decide according to merchandise measure and integral bulk, ‘ the big small commodities that pack ‘ the phenomenon is less and less. ” Beijing east the personage says related content shedding, this one change comes from the fountainhead that express packs to reduce an amount, adopt technical measure namely, by machine basis commodity size ” custom-built ” pack. In Beijing east be located in Shanghai fine those who decide ” Asia ” in unmanned storehouse, the reporter sees how the machine undertakes baling accurately to commodity: By the machine the commodity classics conveyer belt of automatic sorting is sent to the front of packer, packer measures commodity volume automatically, cut out cut bubble packs bag and chipboard on the spot, make the packing case with proper size. Beijing east the personage says related content shedding, this equipment is own research and development, early days investment is very large, but from long-term look very value, can save a large number of stuff that pack already, be beneficial to environmental protection again. The personage expresses related dish bird network, express industry packs the consciousness that reduce an amount very strong, different company fits the plan reducing an amount of respective circumstance in exploration. The case algorithm that develops like dish bird already was popularized in entire industry, recommend proper case program, reduce express to lap empty buy is led, still can reduce the use of plastic filler. According to calculating, use machine case algorithm to reduce the dosage of the material that pack of 15% on average. Pack in the light of express involve a large number of adhesive plaster, express business also is studying new solution. The enterprise designed partial express not to have box of adhesive plaster paper, enclose a process not to need adhesive plaster completely. Business of another some of express is having adhesive plaster ” thin body ” , with 45 millimeter wide adhesive plaster replaces the adhesive plaster with 60 wide millimeter. Be like narrow adhesive plaster promotion, annual dosage of reductive adhesive plaster is quite considerable also. “Pretend except the bag subtration, still but what face consumer ‘ share carton ‘ the concept is popularized in content popularity course of study. ” the personage suggests related dish bird network. Recently, many Cong Jiading content shed the express that garden area gives out to lap, add stuck label of a green, submit a written statement to a higher authority ” thank you the contribution to environmental protection ” , what because these lap,use is to repea上海徐汇区ktv招聘t use paper case. (emancipatory daily reporter Li )

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